Immersive Town Tutorial

Immersive town part 1 – project set up

For this project we will use Unity to build our environment and the excellent plugin Pixel Crushers Dialogue System to craft our interactive conversations and quests. Dialogue System is a paid asset, but there is an evaluation version as well as an educational version.

IMPORTANT: The educational version of Dialogue System is not for commercial use. (If students end up taking a project to market, they can upgrade to the paid version.)

We will use Mixamo for character models and animations.

Video: project setup

Video: test level overview

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By David Antognoli

David Antognoli is a game developer and professor of game design at Columbia College Chicago. A game industry veteran with experience in both programming and game design roles, David has worked on projects with companies like Microsoft, Sega, 2K Games, and Nickelodeon. Now he finds creative refuge in independent game development and teaching others how to create amazing games.

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