Immersive Town Tutorial

Immersive Town part 9 – cinematography

In the next series of videos we’ll explore how to use cinematography and scripting concepts to enhance the presentation value, immersion, and clarity of our scene. These skills are in high demand for game designers, so they’re great to practice.

We’ll also show how to change to a new dialog UI prefab, since by default it blocks a lot of our game camera’s view of the action.

Optional: If you would like more info on using Timeline and Cinemachine with Dialogue System, consult the resources below.

Timeline – Unity Learn

[HOWTO] How To: Use Cinemachine with the Dialogue System – Pixel Crushers Forum

By David Antognoli

David Antognoli is a game developer and professor of game design at Columbia College Chicago. A game industry veteran with experience in both programming and game design roles, David has worked on projects with companies like Microsoft, Sega, 2K Games, and Nickelodeon. Now he finds creative refuge in independent game development and teaching others how to create amazing games.

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